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Atlanta Process Servers

Local Atlanta process servers are essential to accurately serve papers in Georgia since they have a better understanding of Georgia laws and our community. ServeNow's Atlanta process servers are dedicated to quick and accurate service of process for all varieties of clients. Working alongside lawyers, businessmen and women, landlords, and pro se clients give our process servers a unique edge serving process in Atlanta and beyond.

When deciding which process server to hire, consider ServeNow's network of Atlanta process servers as they are prescreened and verified for your peace of mind.

Georgia Rules and Regulations

While process servers in Georgia do not have to be specifically licensed, process servers should be fully aware of the rules of civil procedure to ensure that they are in full compliance with the law. Furthermore, process servers in Georgia must follow specific laws outlined in Georgia's Code.

When hiring an Atlanta process server, be sure that they are in compliance with Georgia's rules and regulations for results that will be upheld in a court of law.

Our Process Service Advantage

Local process servers have a distinct advantage to serving legal documents in Atlanta. Local process servers understand the neighborhoods, streets, and communities where they are serving papers and therefore can be more effective in their pursuit. Process service is a career or skill, timing, and precision, and our Atlanta servers go the extra mile to guarantee that they can delivery accurate and quality results.

Process Service Technology

Keeping ahead of the competition often means providing modern services with modern technology. In an effort to provide a better experience, ServeNow has created ServeManager, a process service software that has GPS tracking and automatic status updates. Ask your process service agency if they use modern technology so that you can be fully informed of the status of your papers.

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